About Us

Welcome to Causeway Cattery

In June 2006 I opened Causeway Cattery with the main aim of providing hands on care for feline guests, and where better to be located than an idyllic country setting like Scotlandwell, Kinross.

Being a cat lover I understand their personalities and what makes them unique. I will provide everything they require during their stay, including – food, bedding, heating, litter and TLC all within the daily rate. For older cats I will also offer heat pads and will ensure any medication your cat requires is dealt with on time and in accordance with instructions.

I am offering within Causeway Cattery a loving home for your cat while you are away on holiday, business trip, moving home or for medical reasons. I have over 15 years experience running my cattery as such you can be rest assured all is being done to look after your cat while you are away.

Trust and peace of mind is key. You don’t want to be away and be worrying about your cat. I therefore encourage cat owners to visit us to witness firsthand the care and attention on offer. While during your visit we can chat about your cats own personal needs “we all know they have them 😊”

Contact me when you are next planning a trip and I will be more than happy to welcome you.


Client Enquiries

How do we book

You can use the contact us section of the website, email or give us a call.

Can cats share a pen

Yes, cats from the same household can share a pen.

Are there cat age restrictions

All cats must be over 3 months old and be fully vaccinated.

Is there security on-site

Yes, as owners we live on site. We also have additional security measures in operation.

In-case of emergency, is there a local vet

We have a local vet in the same village we are located for emergencies in case we cant get an appointment with your regular vet.

Can I view before I book

Please do, we encourage visits so you are 100% comfortable with what is on offer. Feel free to make an appointment during normal business hours.